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September 11 2017


How to Use Job Agencies in Your Job Search
Many job hunters consider job agencies to be invaluable. They cannot always guarantee that they will find you a job, but your chances will improved as a lot more opportunities will become available.
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There are a few procedures to be followed when you wish to use job agencies in your job search:

• Locate and register with relevant agencies. In order to avoid conflicts, you may also be asked to disclose other agencies with whom you are working.
• You will need to fill out an application, providing relevant information
• You must provide an up to date resume. Your resume can be different if you are interested in different jobs.
• You may be required to take aptitude tests in order to determine your personality or psychological profile.
• You will be required to attend an initial interview.
• If it is necessary, there may be some training required.
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The company that you choose to work with must be suited to your needs and skills. If you are looking for permanent work in the clerical area, it makes little use to work with job agencies that place temporary staff in the hotel industry. Some due diligence on your part may be required. Ask for referrals and thoroughly check the reputation of the company by seeking the opinions of others who may have worked with the firm. The complaints section of the Better Business Bureau can be a good place to start.

Registering with different agencies can increase your chances of finding work faster, but a lot depends on the type of work and the industry and also on the timing. Some industries may be slower growth periods, while others may be flourishing, and some care is always necessary in your job search efforts.

When working with a staffing agency, that specializes in temporary job placement, you may be required to complete an application. You will actually be hired by the agency, and they will wish to retain your resume on file. You will also be required to prove your proficiency in certain job-related skills as they apply to the vacancy, such as typing skills, or the use of computers or certain applications.

If a temporary position that matches your qualifications is found, the agency will notify you, and arrange the assignment. Checking regularly will demonstrate your interest. Once the assignment is begun, you must keep an accurate record of the time you spend on the job as you are paid by the agency. When the assignment is completed, you can become eligible for future assignments.

Some private job agencies may charge fees for the services that they provide. Normally the agencies are compensated by the employers but depending on the job level job seekers may sometimes pay agencies to locate suitable opportunities.

The model is quickly disappearing as the job market becomes more competitive and more resources become available, but if you decide to pay for employment services, your recruiter must be certified, and must have your interests as a primary concern.

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